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Directions & Weather

Google maps routing with weather displayed on top of the route. Caches routes and weather data to improve performance as it scales for more requests.


It is a sms based chatbot which was done using Twilio's programmable sms API. When a user texts the Twilio number, the bot asks for a username and then asks trivia questions. After the user has finished answering, they get a score.

CSE 241 Hack

Tired of the tedious work of making truth tables, finding canonical functions, making k-maps, finding simplified functions, and drawing logic diagrams for your CSE241 class? Don't worry this program will do all of things for you. With the simple input of your function, this program is able to compute all of the above. (Unfortunately, due to UBHacking and studying for the CSE250 exam this week, the only functionalities at the moment are creation of truth tables, and finding canonical functions, but these features work for both 3 and 4 variable functions, and for both SOP and POS functions...the other features will be coming soon!)

Modularized Publisher/Subscriber System

Modularized Publisher Subscriber System within a Docker Container

Hello World

Hello world written in HTML

Modularized Weather Routing System

Containerized Weather Routing System using Docker.

Bus Lateness prediction

Uses the Rochester bus arrival data to predict the percentage of on-time arrivals for different bus companies for different months of the year. Used a simple linear regression model using the scikit learn library. After getting the predictions, different bus stations are colored green or red on Google Maps depending on how likely they are to arrive on time. This mapping is done using the Google Maps Api and JavaScript.