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A Tree's Life

A traditional elementary school classroom consists of one teacher and 20+ students. Tracking a child's progress and identifying problems areas can be difficult with such a large teacher to student ratio. I choose to investigate Google Cloud's Speech-To-Text API as a tool to monitor children's classroom activities. Specifically, I use the system as a platform to help children learn to read. A child is presented with a page from an ebook, as they attempt to read the page, we use our Android application to grade their accuracy and look for difficulties in pronunciation. We in real time show the user their progress while reading and in post process provide a detailed analysis of how the child did. We believe the detailed reports on children's reading competency will allow teachers to make more informed decisions when creating class content.

SDL Visualizer

An audio visualizer written in pure C with SDL, FFTW3, and Pulse Audio.


doctorate is a chrome web extension that allows users to see medical related articles on the internet and their legitimacy rating. all reviews are by doctors

LDAP- Legal Decision Analysis Project

A project that will utilize data analysis to draw conclusions from Supreme Court decisions. It will determine where the court draws precedents from and what causes it tends to rule in favor of or overturn based on case origin, subject, petitioner, respondent, justices, and additional factors. Eventually there are plans for the ability to given certain cases work to determine the likely outcome of a case from the previous and current factors.