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Tic-Tac-Toe: Beat the Impossible!

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with friends and family! Enjoy the single player and double player features. Four levels available in single player: Easy, Medium, Hard, & Impossible Experience the beautiful user interface and enjoy the game!

SO Chat Commander

SO Chat Commander is a Chrome Extension that adds extensions to the StackOverflow and StackExchange Chat. It allows you to ignore users, generate images, quickly reply, load comics, and much more. I started working on this a bit ago, and have updated it with new features and resolved bugs this year.

Pneumonia Diagnosis using Chest Xray Imaging

A model more intelligent, accessible than any Radiologist. A dense convolutional network model for screening and diagnosing Pneumonia and heat mapping air cavities in XRay images using Class Activation Mapping. Accuracy: 54% (Solo development) Deployed over a Flask web app with minimal user interaction. Pytorch; Flask; Google cloud.

Phideeo iOS App

Phideeo is an app that scans QR codes and can read or write videos onto these QR codes.

Chinmayee Rane

Team: Evan Walley, Asher Lieber, Jasjeev Anand, Justin Knauf Project Description: The project is an app that will run on mobile that will enable visitors of the Kallinikeio Municipal Museum (dated back to 800BC) of Athienou, in Cyprus (near Greece) to visualize 3d models of the artifacts in the museum in augmented reality. Project impact: The app would supplement a museum visit by allowing visitors to virtually handle these artifacts without disturbing the pieces themselves - giving them a novel way of experiencing history. The "virtual" artifacts would also have a small description below. Basically each artifact would generate a QR code and the app scans the QR code and you are able to handle these artifacts virtually.

Foot Parameters Calculation using Computer Vision

I have used Computer Vision Algorithms to calculate foot parameters in order to increase convenience of people buying shoes online.

UB Printing App

Best Time saver for UB students! This app helps user to find the fastest printing station to print their job. As a bonus functionality, this app also allows user to check list of available computers in UB Lockwood Cybrary. Video Demo:

Tic-Tac-Toe: Beat the Impossible!

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with friends and family! Enjoy the single player and double player features. Four levels available in single player: Easy, Medium, Hard, & Impossible Experience the beautiful user interface and enjoy the game!

MEGOBUS Cyberspace Roadtrip

How long can you survive on the Cyberspace Highway? Tap to steer the MEGOBUS clear of obstacles. Upgrade your MEGOBUS to truly suit your style. Face off against your friends on the leaderboards. The cyberspace roadtrip awaits you.

Incantation Catastrophe

A top down horde mode based game.

Pineapple Posse Clothing Brand

Are you confused to see a clothing brand at a hackathon? Well you should be! Pineapple Posse is a HIP new clothing company that aims to bring the UNEXPECTED to the front lines. Please check out some of our unique designs on our dropbox! P.S. If you would wear our designs please shoot me an email! For DropBox Username: PW: UBHACK

Weather on Map

This application displays weather information in between two locations provided by Google directions. This helps people to plan their transport based on weather conditions along the way instead of manually searching weather in every location between a source and destination.

Twitter Search Engine and Analytics Visualisation

This is a Twitter Search Engine which emulates real-world Google search. When something is queried on search engine related tweets appears based on the document rank. Page ranking is provided by Solr. The data set is comprised of tweets on different topics collected for over a month. Trends and Sentiment Analysis is performed on the dataset and Visualization is provided.


iOS app that allows you to drop messages based on your current location. Using: Google Kubernetes Engine Google Cloud Build Google Cloud Storage Google Places API Google Maps SDK


We are an on demand delivery service for UB student. We aim to deliver all range of needs for UB student for everyday needs. From food, grocery, kitchen appliances and classroom needs. Our android app allow students to request what they need for a small fee. These request will be fullfilled in batches by other UB students who wants to make some money while going to shopping themselves. We will first start with Walmart then wegmans. Continue expanding as population demands.

lips 💋

A machine learning algorithm that can lip read. A 3D CNN that tries to correlate corrupted or unrecognizable audio and lip movement to try to understand what the person is speaking.

AccessMath Whiteboard Lecture Video Summarization

We introduce a novel method for summarization of whiteboard lecture videos using key handwritten content regions. A deep neural network is used for detecting bounding boxes that contain semantically meaningful groups of handwritten content. A neural network embedding is learned, under triplet loss, from the detected regions in order to discriminate between unique handwritten content. The detected regions along with embeddings at every frame of the lecture video are used to extract unique handwritten content across the video which are presented as the video summary. Additionally, a spatiotemporal index is constructed from the video which records the time and location of each individual summary region in the video which can potentially be used for content-based search and navigation. We train and test our methods on the publicly available AccessMath dataset. We use the DetEval scheme to benchmark our summarization by recall of unique ground truth objects and total number of summary regions compared to the ground truth.The most recent version of the publicly available code on some prior work is at the github link below. A powerpoint presentation on some other work on this project is here The most recent version of this code will be publicly available in the near future.

Yet Another Mandelbrot Explorer

A simplistic mandelbrot explorer made over the past several weeks, implemented using SDL and C.

Hacking Into the iPhone X's FaceID

Biometric security systems such as Apple’s FaceID have replaced passwords for mobile device security, leaving users susceptible to biometric spoofing attacks. In response, Apple has implemented an anti-spoofing scheme, looking for autonomous ocular movement associated within the retina. This research aims to quantify the effectiveness of 3D printed spoof masks in regards to defeating a biometric anti-spoofing system such as Apple’s iPhone X. 3D facial spoofs were created and tested using the iPhone X through 3D printing techniques and live casting. The 3D printed face masks were created from a 3D image utilizing a volumetric regression network. A series of anti-spoofing techniques were used as testing validation. These techniques range from measuring the thermal retention rate, stereoscopic facial image disparity map comparisons between a live face, and a spoof image, and implementation of multitask cascaded convolutional network for recognition of key facial features. Please see more by logging into my DropBox. Username: PW: UBHACK

The Shunting Yard Algorithm

This piece of code solves any arithmetic or boolean expression using the shunting yard algorithm. The input the code takes in can be in any form of a string or script fall and evaluate through the whole expression and return the final answer