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Pneumonia Diagnosis using Chest Xray Imaging

A model more intelligent, accessible than any Radiologist. A dense convolutional network model for screening and diagnosing Pneumonia and heat mapping air cavities in XRay images using Class Activation Mapping. Accuracy: 54% (Solo development) Deployed over a Flask web app with minimal user interaction. Pytorch; Flask; Google cloud.

Tic-Tac-Toe: Beat the Impossible!

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with friends and family! Enjoy the single player and double player features. Four levels available in single player: Easy, Medium, Hard, & Impossible Experience the beautiful user interface and enjoy the game!

Weather on Map

This application displays weather information in between two locations provided by Google directions. This helps people to plan their transport based on weather conditions along the way instead of manually searching weather in every location between a source and destination.

Twitter Search Engine and Analytics Visualisation

This is a Twitter Search Engine which emulates real-world Google search. When something is queried on search engine related tweets appears based on the document rank. Page ranking is provided by Solr. The data set is comprised of tweets on different topics collected for over a month. Trends and Sentiment Analysis is performed on the dataset and Visualization is provided.


iOS app that allows you to drop messages based on your current location. Using: Google Kubernetes Engine Google Cloud Build Google Cloud Storage Google Places API Google Maps SDK

lips 💋

A machine learning algorithm that can lip read. A 3D CNN that tries to correlate corrupted or unrecognizable audio and lip movement to try to understand what the person is speaking.

Recents Playlist

An Android app that creates a playlist of your most recently added tracks. The app selects tracks from across your playlists and picks the most recent for a new playlist.

The Shunting Yard Algorithm

This piece of code solves any arithmetic or boolean expression using the shunting yard algorithm. The input the code takes in can be in any form of a string or script fall and evaluate through the whole expression and return the final answer